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NGC 4038-4039



NGC 4038/4039: Antennae Galaxies in Corvus

RA = 12 hrs 01 min; Dec = -18 deg 52 min

Date & Site:

Imaged on 5/21/2012; Palomar Mountain, CA

Conditions: mild wind; 61 degrees; average seeing


Telescope: Celestron C9.25 SCT at F6.3 (fl= 1480mm)
Mount: Losmandy G-11 with Gemini
Camera: ST-10XME; CFW10 with Astrodon LRGB Gen I Filters; Internally guided


Exposures: 90 min of Luminance (10 min subs) and 15 min RGB (5 min subs)

FOV = 34 x 23 arc minutes

The Antennae are undergoing a galactic collision. These two galaxies are known as the 'Antennae' because the two long tails of stars, gas, and dust hrown out of the galaxies as a result of the collision resemble the antennae of an insect. About 1.2 billion years ago, the Antennae were two separate galaxies. 900 million years ago, the Antennae began to approach one another. 600 million years ago, the Antennae passed through each other and 300 million years ago, the Antennae's stars began to be released from both galaxies.

Distance: 45 million light years away

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